October 21, 2017:
Laura Stack

The session will focus on process using elemental music and infusing lessons on teamwork and compassion. In the session, Laura Stack will present pieces that can go directly back to the classroom and be adapted to any environment. “I feel so strongly that the world needs good role models right now. As teachers, this role is even more important as we are helping to shape young minds. So… how do we keep teaching music while guiding our young children through this crazy time in US history? I believe I have offered the best way I know how. It has proven to be successful in my classroom and hope it can help others bring this level of compassion and music instruction back to their classrooms.”


Laura Stack utilizes her Orff-Schulwerk certification and experience at the Kodaly Institute of Hungary to bring music to life. After working in Chicago Public Schools and mentoring teachers through the Academy for Urban School Leadership, Laura continued teaching in 100% poverty schools at High Point Elementary in Clearwater, FL. She has her Masters in Music Education from Anderson University and has had the privilege of presenting for the American Orff-Schulwerk National Conference, Florida Music Educator’s Conference, and many local Orff chapters around the country. She is recognized as an American Center for Elemental Music and Movement Spotlight Award winner and Pinellas County Schools Teacher of the Year nominee. She now runs her own business performing and teaching music lessons at the Safety Harbor Arts and Music Center.